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We build the most powerful electric motors for radio-controlled vehicles on land, air, and water.

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Congratulations to Neumotors for obtaining the fastest 1 mile heat time ever, in any fuel source category (gas, electric or nitro) in any organization! The display of Neumotors and their success at the Michigan Cup was outstanding, and the amount of power available was awesome.

Eddie Hansen, Team RumRunner

I used Neumotors' 1521 for a 5-lap (5/8 mile) oval with my hydroplane, and shattered the previous record by over 8 seconds! Your motors are fantastic! Keep up the good work!

Ken Joye, MACH 5 Racing

Once again, your motors did the job well! For the last 4 years, and this year again, Neumotors won the Hydro 1 Naviga, and for the last 3 years, won the Hydro 2 Naviga race in France!

Jérôme Degand, World Power Boat Racing Champion

Got first place in the first competition of the German Championships! Thanks for the great motors, looking forward using them in the next world championship.

Marcel Kremer

I set new records this past weekend with Neumotors: the Q-Hydro record at 120.192mph and S-Hydro at 139.230mph. Thank you for the awesome motors!

Chris Harris, Hydro Competitor

One of your 1530 motors has just powered our "Vector" race car to the ”world's fastest electric model car" speed of 201 MPH.

Roger and George Phillips

Team Italy takes the Gold and Remo Frattini takes first place in the 2009 F5B Euro Cup in Romania! Power supplied by NeuMotors.

Team Italy


Lisa Talia

Steve Neu

Jeff Keesaman